SPARK has developed a compelling recruitment model for retail talent. Our database and positive relationship with best in class talent is set to contribute value for niche requirements at the highest standards.


Our comprehensive staffing model for both temporary and ongoing positions is almost famous. We are focused on a detailed, inclusive and competitive service delivery that includes on-site visits and immediate ROI. We are not satisfied unless our B2B clients are happy, happy, happy.


Our goal is to discover the unique potential of each candidate and to align the skilled and committed experience with the best possible opportunities. Career dreams can come true. We are here to listen and understand and support career growth and opportunities and tenure.


Embracing The Challenge Against The Odds

Physically, emotionally, socially, and professionally seemingly unsurmountable challenges loom large. Exhaustion, hunger, pain and delays will take their toll. Once again I find myself digging into the lessons learned and applying them in this current scenario, to do this challenge well and to surround myself with expert advice and to ensure the right equipment and supports keeping the goal in mind and never giving up