SPARK is committed to generously sharing our experience on all topics related to Sales and & HR for luxury travel retail. The ROI is immediately measurable for most of our services and in many cases guaranteed. The success of our work rests on our founding values for professional excellence, intelligent practices, strategic collaborations, and shared success. SPARK offers Pro Bono Consulting on topics such as Sales, Promotions, Compensation Design and Staffing Optimization.

  • Tell us your talent issues and we will consult, no charge, to ensure best-in-class people assets.
  • Tell us your sales issues and we will consult, no charge, we know our numbers.

The sales team is the front line of our industry, they are our first responders, our brand’s ambassadors and the USP of the travel retail industry. This joint promotion featuring confectionery and ice wine averaged $650 / hr in sales and was split 55% / 45% chocolate and ice wine.


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