SPARK training is a sales leadership training curriculum that elevates the sales profession. Whether as an individual on the shop floor or as a team, we believe in being leaders within our space.  As a bundle or as stand-alone topics our module topics aim to compliment brand and retailer training through a combination of instructional and experiential learning formats.

Training modules are offered either live at your location or virtual.


  • The Consultative Sales Approach: An integrous sales progression combining the digital and physical options
  • Customer Objections: The cue for perfect branding moments
  • Sales Literacy: Writing your sales story and quantifying your skillset
  • Goal setting: Fitting in and standing out throughout the annual sales cycle
  • The 80/20 Rule: The Pareto principle applied to retail
  • Sales Reporting:  Celebrating accountability and the sales narrative
  • EQ – Conscious leadership, positive influence, intentional habits and credible voice
  • Conflict Resolution – building exponential team strength through diversity
  • Unconscious Bias – uncovering hidden and obvious opportunities

SPARK is committed to partner strategically with best practices that honour customer-facing responsibilities.  Our sales culture raises awareness for rewarding careers through education, accountability and celebrations.

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