To best optimize sales and promotions in a post COVID era we are excited to launch the first-ever Brand Partner Program. This program takes the best of the Brand Ambassador and Beauty Demo functions and adds several layers of responsibility, accountability and stability.  Recruited and employed by SPARK, Brand Partners will be trained to create the best customer experience while maintaining best-in-class accountability with brand and retailer.

The program is front-loaded with essential training modules that will become a 12-month case study on key retail sales topics. Essentially this program formalizes the success factors that have shaped the strength of the SPARK brand and it checks off the key issues currently facing the industry.

The program offers stable employment at competitive wages to Brand Partners and is priced competitively in six easy options.  Price includes recruitment, SPARK training, on-site management and meetings, wages, bonus, employer obligations, and SPARK admin fee.  Cohort start dates (min 5 FT or 10 PT/location) coincide with calendar quarters. The Brand Partner Program is best suited for sales goals that support positive ROI monthly or quarterly (at minimum).