SPARK Business Services Group Inc. is a Sales and Promotions firm providing comprehensive recruitment and staffing services for luxury retail. We provide full-cycle recruitment, payroll and benefits administration, onboarding services, probation reviews and performance reviews.

Since our incorporation in 2011, it has been our goal to provide the best in class services as Employer of Record for both: our retail clients and our candidates and staff. We are committed to elevating the retail profession and esteeming this vibrant segment of our economy with a relevant and measurable HR service bundle.

In addition to being HR practitioners, we are also salespeople! It has become our core to identify and match excellent sales talent with rewarding career opportunities. Our candidates and staff are screened for the ability to drive revenue and to deliver outstanding customer service for prestige brands. Our objective is to continue to build a brand that exceeds expectations for retailers, luxury brands and retail talent.

The SPARK business philosophy is driven by ethical sales standards and win-win strategies. At SPARK, both the distinguished retailers and the career-minded sales professionals are our customers. It is our responsibility and privilege to support profitable and efficient collaborations.

Travel Retail offers diverse and dynamic career paths in the duty-free areas of airport terminals, cruise ships and international border shops where global retailers and global brands depend on aspiring professionals. SPARK is committed to raising awareness and educating job seekers on how to best access these opportunities.


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